Check In #4: Thinking Critically Essay

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Josie Jordan
Sociology 1
Check In #4: Thinking Critically About Statistics

Statistics are used for a variety of different reasons creating a wide range of outcomes. As stated in the Article “Telling the Truth about Damned Lies and Statistics” demonstrates that statistics can be and often are incorrect. Most people don’t question the statistic they read, they merely read and repeat the claims without questions backing up the so called study. Also stating that although some statistics create a public alarm and create fear some are needed to understand our society on more of a logic strategy aspect. The creation is to understand by evaluating, grouping, and graphing. A mathematical crystal ball, formed to look into the future of society’s constant growth and to understand. Society has the right agenda for statistics, not all are created to alarm or frighten but to prepare for the next global issue “5 Popular Ways that Statistics are Used to Lie to you” demonstrates the use of common statistics have become a fixture in modern society. We read them in news papers, in the media, and they are used to determine policies affecting every aspect of our lives. Unfortunately, many people wildly misinterpret them in fundamental ways as extrapolation is a favorite of anyone anticipating trends or predicting the future? While demonstrating many inappropriate terms used for statistics but the use of “average, 99% accurate, Claiming to be the Fastest Growing, the term Epidemic, and the misuse of Correlation and Causation all tend to wrongfully provide false representation of statistics. Both blog and article demonstrate the negative aspects of statistical use, to use the information one can develop proper skills to use statistics. In the POD cast of Anna Milgram, “Smart Statistics are the Key to Fighting Crime” demonstrates the proper way our society could benefit from the use of statistics. Anna points out that using data to analyze conviction rates in the US prison and our growing finance situation. Anna has developed strategies to determine whether releasing nonviolent criminals who don’t pose a threat to society would benefit the country. With the facts used through data analyst…