Essay on Clifford: Critical Thinking and Shipowner

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Philosophy 1030
Paul Gomberg

Clifford The shipowner sent his ship called Providence out on a voyage to migrate familes to a new destination. Eventhough Providence had been through many voyages; not the mention the hot and cold weather conditions that could have had a toll on the ship, the shipowner knew that his ship may have needed repairs, which could have caused Providence not to complete the voyage. Despite all of the sad thoughts that that ship owner had reminisced upon, he came to believe that the ship was sound because he had stifled his doubts so much, that he actually conned himself into believing that the ship was actually fit to go out on a voyage. The reasons that were lusted upon by the shipowner that convinced him to believe that the ship was sound, was that eventhough his ship had been through many voyages and storms before, he had built confidence, feeling that it was irrelevant to base his beliefs upon the negative facts that he stifled upon, concerning the possible condition of the ship which could or could not have had an effect on the ships current voyage. The shipowner was playing Russian roulette with the lives of people based on his selfish beliefs. We could condemn the act of sending the ship out without condemning the belief that the ship is sound, by weighing pros and cons based on how many voyages the ship has been on and also based on that evidence that one should have sent the ship out for an inspection, that way if repairs…