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Topic: Critical Thinking

A little while ago in the media and in the news there was such a focus on Gay Rights . Now and days people are going against tradition and branching out to do what makes them happy. Tradition would be for all couples to be male and female and not male and male or female and female . People are now fighting for the right to be who they are and to be with who they want to be with, whether it may be female or male . Being that tradition is held high in society, judgment is passed very quickly over a lot of things but this particular issue is one that is quickly judged and ultimately it is hated by more than none . Gay people in this world feel as though, since they are human they should be able to do things just as other humans would and be able to and that includes the relationship aspect of their life . I was raised in a Christian, African American household where tradition was taught . I was taught that women were made for men and vice versa so I hold to that teaching, but there are families unlike mine that do not teach the same thing to their household like I was taught in mine . Sometimes some gay people were raised up in tradition but ended up going against to make themselves happy. When dealing with situations like this in life when you have been raised different than the next person it is always easy to pass judgment off, but when doing that you may want to ask yourself “Is this the right thing to do ?”The better thing would be to try and understand that person because just like you have your own beliefs they have their own beliefs as well and before passing judgment on them you must remember that everyone wasn't raised the same . Some may think that understanding will give off the wrong impression like they are for gay rights or that they may support it even when they don't, but that is definitely not the case . Understanding someone is just showing empathy of thought which in the end makes you a better person.(S-3) Being able to deal with accepting a gay person for who they are is also a great accomplishment . There are those who may talk about you or try to even pass off their judgement on you for even trying to understand the issue, but having the confidence to deal with others beliefs means that you have intellectual courage and it will be admired. (S-6) Its not always good to judge off of first impressions or off of what you may see…