Critical Disposition Essay

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In my opinion critical disposition is to look at something from more than one angle. Be open to new idea’s and not accept the first theory or concept that you are told. Create your own way of thinking and not be the type to follow a crowd.
Critical disposition – a tendency to be critical
“A critical disposition is a tendency to self-reflect and change one’s views when required, a willingness to question orthodoxy and challenge ignorance and injustice, and an awareness of which approach is the most appropriate in a given situation.”

My incident took place in the very first lecture of LAWS1112, when our lecturer quoted Johnston. Although the lecture was based around what makes a critical lawyer, and the necessary skills
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As for evaluation of “can law be changed” I was initially surprised at the fact that this course went into detail as to what aspects of law were unequal and how. I was not expecting a proper analysis from a law class to provide the idea that there were problems with the law and that we should challenge them. Because of where I was brought up and the way law related to me, I had the view that if you wanted to be part of a law system, questioning it wasn’t a way to get ahead. Creating law students with the idea that there are problems that we need to fix to create a more equally controlled and beneficial society was the complete opposite mind frame and was a way for me to develop my critical disposition.


When it comes to improvement for the future I think the only possibly positive movement would be for me to be more willing and open to western law systems by considering the fact that Australian law varies from the laws and rules that took place. Australian laws are created in such a different manner that the way I use to think towards the law really doesn’t apply and to be a good critical thinker all angles need to be taken into consideration. For example, within Australian law people are constantly challenging rules and laws with their voices actually being heard (political parties). I think even though I knew Western countries such as Australia were run differently that we really wouldn’t be able to challenge what is considered the “orthodox”