Critical Period Essay

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The critical period in United States was beyond a unique but agile era. Changes of climates and population differences all put this era in a scuffle of differences. There were ups and downs and plenty of trials and tribulations, and because of that we call this era one of importance.
1785 would definitely be a year to remember. A year that showed signs of not having any action or activity at all. Regardless of how things turned out to be, congress still maintained to deal with three important subjects- public debts, public lands, and the regulation of commerce. Throughout everything the U.S. Congress still managed to succeed and handle all of the above. Not only did they achieve, but they did it in a way that had consistent implications. Individuals looked at the Congress as if they just handled public debts in a way that they could just get their hands on some money. By surveying the status of the revenue amendments that had been proposed two years earlier; the results were nor encouraging or satisfying. Land taxes and requisition amendments had not rose to a point of successfulness. Ten states had ratified the amendment handing Congress power to all tax imports. But the three states of Georgia, Rhode Island, and New York had not.
Another example of this era would be Massachusetts in the summer of 1786. How the events on the other major fronts swept toward climaxes. The legislatures of state responded with unexpected speed to the call for the commercial convention at Annapolis.
These certain activities of the critical period in U.S. History all shows how it was difficult yet interesting this period can turn out to be. The year…