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Thinking Piece #10 Mary Shelley introduces the creature in her horror novel, "Frankenstein", as a somewhat compassionate, intellectual being. The creature was created by the main protagonist, Victor Frankenstein, through his obsession with science and life with the use of unsettling materials from corpses. The creature is supposed to be a character that warrant the reader's compassion but, does very evil deeds such as killing innocent members of Victor's family for petty revenge. Events like these that occur throughout the novel, makes the readers have less compassion about the creature and more for those who died at the hands of the creature. Of course, the creature does deserve some sympathy to some extent. Victor spent many months creating this being and bringing it to life. In a way, Victor represents a father figure in , what it seems to Victor, an unpleasant incident. The creature being given life represents a more child-like figure and of course wants to receive love and affection from his father figure, or in this case, creator. But, Victor runs away from the creature and refuses to acknowledge him as an individual or person. This does hurt the creature, not being seen as something wanted, but it does not justify the actions that he proceeds to do. Just because of his hatred towards his creator, the creature decides to take the lives of many people close to Victor such as William, Justine, Elizabeth, and Henry. The readers would have more sympathy for these characters rather than the creature due to the fact that the creature kills all of them. As a reader, I felt that the creature's actions were very unnecessary since…