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Fredrick Douglass Narrative Chapter 1&2
Fredrick Douglass starts off by explaining that he was born; Tuckahoe. Throughout his entire life, he had never known his birth date, and felt that if the white children could know their birthday, he should have the privilege to know his as well. His rumored father was a white man, and some thought that it could have been his master. His mother was taken away from him at an early age so that they would never bond and be reliant on each other. When he was about seven years old, his mother died because of an illness. Fredrick didn’t really care because he never had any time with her, he said he cared just as much as if a stranger died. He had an aunt named Hester who was not supposed to go out at nights and get caught with a man named Ned Roberts. She once did the exact thing he told her not to do, go out with Ned Roberts at night and get caught. When she was caught she was strung up on a hook and whipped until her back was covered with blood. I think that whipping is a terrible thing to do to someone, but back then it was normal.
With the next chapter he talks about the living conditions of slaves. Some of the main products that were grown in Talbot County, Maryland were tobacco, corn and wheat. Usually when a slave committed a high misdemeanor, they were brought to Wye Town and were severely whipped, then they were sent to Austin Woolfolk as a warning to all of the other slaves. All the slaves…