Frederick The Great Essay

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Frederick The Great

January 24, 1712 DOD:
August 17, 1786

Kingdom of Prussia

Frederick the great was able to elevate the status of Prussia to a great power instead of the miniscule ranking it had among its fellow countries. He was also able to elevate its political status, being able to join the ranks of France, Poland,
Britain, Russia, etc.(The larger and richer countries). Frederick also achieved great military feats while in power. During the Silesian Wars, Frederick was able to claim Silesia quite quickly. After this he met great opposition from the
Austrians, but was able to defeat them quite quickly. Later on he found himself to be fighting in the Seven Years War. In the beginning, it did not seem as if the results would be in his favor. He had powerful countries lining up against him(Austria, France, Russia, Saxony, Sweden). He only had a few allies that joined him in war, the biggest being Great Britain. His territories were being invaded constantly and the end seemed near, but he was always able to recover from his defeats. Then the death of Elizabeth of Russia worked out in his favor.
The anti­Prussian forces just collapsed and ceased to exist and this helped
Frederick gain Russia as an ally. Sweden, upon seeing this, quickly made peace with Prussia and Frederick was able to come out triumphant. Frederick’s military prowess allowed him to become famous throughout the lands. Leaders admired his will and his quick thinking. He was a military theorist that was able to use his wit to come out on top. This is…