Fuzzy Thinking Essay

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Fuzzy Thinking Fear is present in every political newscast and radio program these days. You can’t look at president Obama without hearing all the paranoid ideas that right wing television personalities flood the media with. I am a republican; however, feel that our nation needs the influence of democrats, republicans, socialists, and liberals to maintain a balanced government. Looking through the past generations we can find great ideas and programs influenced by people claiming all different parties. In this article, Fuzzy Thinking by Walter G. Moss, we learn that progressive and socialists were responsible for pushing equal rights for both women and blacks between 1890-1912. Of course we can choose to live in fear and remember Stalin and Marx when thinking of socialism. However, the author argues exactly this, we need to let go of fear and analyze all ideas and suggestions from all different parties. I agree with the author that good programs and presidents have shared socialistic influence. History does not lie. We can’t label President Obama and his administration as evil because they desire to involve the government more with programs such as healthcare. I am in no way for “Obama Care” based on what I know; however, I do desire a healthcare overhaul because the current system needs improvement. I think all parties have valuable input and if they could somehow find a way to work together than we could all be happy and successfully improve the current healthcare system. I do fear that too much government control can be a bad thing because I have seen what it has done to a different country firsthand. In Brazil I stood in an emergency room line that wrapped around two blocks as I waited my turn to be seen while my head was split open and was in need of stitches. There were many in line that were either homeless or had no money, some appeared to be fine as they sat and joked with others as they were waiting.…