Grameen Bank Critical Risk Assessment Jason Marthaller Essay

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Grameen Bank: Critical Risk Assessment
Portia Baldwin
Grand Canyon University

Grameen Bank: Critical Risk Assessment

The Critical Risk Assessment for the Grameen Bank would consider the below points –
a. The Security for the servers and computers
b. Ensuring the updated software in systems
c. Location of the branches in terms of security
d. The safety of transportation of currency
e. The currency reserves available at the centers
f. Wireless technology used at the different offices
g. Networking between zonal branches and Area offices
h. The security concern at the branches
i. Evaluation of the genuine need of borrower
j. Utilization of the credit facility by the clientele
k. Credit Administration
l. Credit grant process and structure
m. Confidential data of the clients
n. Data Management
o. Record Management
p. Interest Rate fluctuation
q. Cash Reserves

Contingency Plan

The Contingency Plan we would adhere at the Grameen Bank would involve maintaining the backup vendors for provision of electronic gadgets. The banks of the poor have the cash counting machines installed at the branches would be maintained by the vendors from nearby location (Agfund, 2013). In case of the systems being affected by any anti-virus or security issues, we would have the technical team monitor the same and be available at the operating and non-operating hours of the branch. The failure of the employee turning up would involve the backup in charge to handle the roles and responsibilities of the concerned staff person.

The branches would be equipped with an alarm system in…