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Kendra DiLascio
Coffee Filter Lab (Unit 5)
September 30, 2014

Hypothesis: At the end of this experiment I think there will be more fine particles found on the coffee filter than inhalable coarse particles in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

Observation Data:
Condition of filter
Items on filter
Additional comments
9-5-14 1345
Wet looking

9-8-14 1600
Slightly wrinkly looking
2 small bugs

9-11-14 1745
More wrinkled
2 small bugs

9-15-14 1300
Still wrinkled and slightly looks wet
2 small bugs

9-18-14 1630
No change
No change

9-21-14 1600
No change
No change

9-24-14 1400
Wrinkles in the filter, not as shiny
No change

Are there other pollutants that might be on the filter? What does this imply might be happening in your lungs? Additionally, you will revise your hypothesis and reach your conclusion.
There were no visible pollutants on my filter throughout and at the end of this experiment. According to, the major pollutant in the air quality around Latrobe is small particulate matter. The daily air quality index has been in the lower levels throughout this experiment, ranging from 30-75, which is listed in the good and moderate zones, respectively. The bugs that were the only visible difference in the filter throughout the experiment that I noticed. I would have liked to have access to a microscope to see if there were any other small particulate matter that isn’t visible to the naked eye. I expected to find minimal traces of air pollution from vehicles that travel on the street that I live on, but didn’t notice much of anything. I think this indicates that the air quality in my neighborhood is very good, and there is minimal particulate matter in the air. There could be many other pollutants that are on the filter that are so small that they are unable to be seen with just your eyes. This part is concerning to me because there are fine particles that could be on the filter, which can get deep into your lungs and cause serious health problems. ( They can cause health problems such as aggravated asthma, decreased lung function and increased irritation in the airways.
Upon showing the filter to 3 people and discussing the experiment with them, these are the responses I got.
1. Father: Was surprised that there are not more pollutants on the filter, reminded me that we also live close to an airport and there are many planes that fly overhead on a daily basis.
2. Mother: Thought that the filter wouldn’t have as many particles on it because we live in an area without many industrial plants and traffic. Wasn’t surprised at all by the results of the filter.
3. Daughter (she is 8): She wonders why the filter looks the same as it did at the beginning of the experiment, minus the bugs that have attached to it. (She helped me to observe the filter each week)

Conclusion: My research supports my hypothesis that there would be more fine particulate matter found on the filter at the end of the experiment.

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Kendra DiLascio
2616 Raymond Avenue Latrobe PA
September 30, 2014

Senator Kim Ward
Senate District 39
1075 South Main Street Suite 116 Greensburg PA

Dear Senator Ward, I am currently a student at Kaplan University. In my biology class we recently conducted an experiment on the air quality in my neighborhood of Latrobe, Pennsylvania. In this experiment I covered a regular coffee filter in petroleum jelly and observed it’s changes over a 4 week period. At the end of the experiment my observations showed that there is very little air pollution within my neighborhood. The filter showed no noticeable signs of major pollutants. In the beginning of the…