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The movie was very well focused on Martin Luther’s life, giving the viewer a good idea of what events led to Dr. Luther questioning the validity of Christianity, and the church. The movie gives more information on Dr. Luther’s experiences than what the textbook supplies. The actor Joseph Fiennes, does an outstanding job portraying the character Dr. Luther, for the viewer can almost tell what the main character is thinking throughout the story. The textbook was not as detailed in describing just how sinister The Roman Catholic Church was in that day. It was not the selling of indulgences that ultimately caused Dr. Luther to voice out against the Church, it was a combination of wrongdoings that drove him to doing what he did. One event in particular that I found sentimental was after Dr. Luther’s arrival at Wittenburg, a young boy hung himself. The church refused to receive the young boy’s body for burial because he was deemed “damned”, in which damned people were forbidden on holy grounds. Dr. Luther was appalled, and so he performed the burial himself. To jhe people were feared God, and the church, and Dr. Luther grew up questioning his own faith constantly. There were times he considered himself possessed by the devil.The textbook does mention where Dr. Luther dropping out of Law School to attend Seminary, but the textbook did not mention how this caused a strain between Dr. Luther and his father. The movie portrays how Dr. Luther’s father saved up money for years for him to attend Law School, so when Dr. Luther left for Seminary, it caused a tension in their relationship for all of that money was wasted. Dr. Luther seemed to desire approval from his father. Luther tried to repair the relationship with his father. The movie was excellent at portraying the church “gleaming with riches”, and showed how the Vatican implemented fear to get more people in mass, and more money to build St. Peter’s Basilica. Dr. Luther became a monk, rather than a priest because he felt that he “sinned too much”. Indulgences were originally sold in Rome, but friars began travelling across Christendom with a set quota to sell these “Passports to celestial world of paradise” in which they “repealed any sin”. Dr. Luther immediately expressed his distaste for the indulgences exclaiming “It’s just paper, it means nothing.”opinion. The cardinal also proclaimed that the scripture is only to be debated and interpreted by the Vatican, and that all Christians have an obligation to follow the Vatican’s interpretations. Dr. Luther left after angering the Vatican.

A cardinal was sent to the German monarch, whom was surprised to hear that the Vatican was so concerned with such a “small matter”. Prince Frederick thought of Dr. Luther as a brilliant man, and liked his work. The cardinal attempted to bribe Prince Frederick into handing Dr. Luther over to Rome, but Frederick refused. The Cardinal pleaded asking for a fair trial, and the Prince replied, “Rome does not give trials, they give death sentences,”…