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Employees Motivation
Nowadays, many companies build an award system to give employees a higher passion to work. In general, there are two kinds of award. One is material, the other one is spiritual needs. Lots of people think people work for a salary. However, the main purpose for employees is spiritual needs rather than salary. This essay will analyse this point by looking at three important theses on this topic.

Some people take the view that they are working for a salary because they should get money to keep them alive. However, this is not convincing. There is no doubt that salary and a good working environment are the physiological needs for people, but the psychologist Abraham Maslow's has created a theory of human motivation to figure out that people have five kinds of demands ordered in a fixable range (BBC News, 2014). When people achieved their physiological needs, their target would update to the next level of needs until they get to the top one which is ‘Self-actualization’ such as, promotion from others or some kinds personal growth. Therefor, people work not only for a salary but also for personal achievement (Gretchen, 2010).

Other people consider that some of the jobs are dangerous, dirty and tiring, so that money can motivate people to work, construction work is a job like that. In this sense, the theory X introduced by McGregor pointed out that people are lazy from their birth. Thus, they are unwilling to work if they cannot get some benefits from their job. Evidently, it is a narrow understanding. Theory Y indicated that people are self-motivated and self-controlled. In the modern workplace, a good…