Essay on Organizational Responsibility And Current Healthcare Issues

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Organizational Responsibility and Current Healthcare Issues
Nadia Ge
May 25, 2015
Dr. Shawna Butler

Organizational Responsibility and Current Healthcare Issues Not many of us loves the healthcare system in the United States because it’s the hospitals, pharmaceutical contractors, and physician that fleece the government of around 100 billion dollars (healthcare fraud). Some hospitals bill services for doctors who are not even alive (healthcare fraud). Some of these people who commit these crimes are hospital administrators (healthcare fraud). These people are very clever. As a result, they set up complicated billing structures to cover their tracts (healthcare fraud). This can, therefore, make it difficult for healthcare investigators (healthcare fraud). One of the most egregious healthcare fraud is false billing (healthcare fraud). Sometimes the hospitals bill Medicare for treatment that was not even prescribed (healthcare fraud). For instance, sometimes doctors order a wheelchair for a person that is not in need of a wheelchair (healthcare fraud). The organization would bill Medicare 3 or 4 times the cost and pocket the rest (healthcare fraud). Identity theft is the main culprit of healthcare fraud (healthcare fraud). This type of healthcare fraud account for about 60% in total of healthcare crime (healthcare fraud). This happens when physicians sell a patients information to a criminal who will use their information for other stuff. (Healthcare Fraud). Medical information should be confidential and should not be used in this way (healthcare fraud). For instance, a healthcare administrator or physician would sell the patients information for a profit (healthcare fraud). The criminal would then sell this information to a person who is in desperate need for insurance like an uninsured person (healthcare fraud). Sometimes these criminals can hack medical record to get patients information (healthcare fraud). They may then have the patients' medical information and social security that they may use for other means (healthcare fraud). Because of this multi-billion dollar industry, this makes the government the biggest victim of healthcare fraud (healthcare fraud).

Healthcare fraud and abuse affect in healthcare organization Roughly 2.27 trillion is spent on healthcare (The challenge of healthcare fraud). Besides, there are about a billion health insurance claims that are processed in the United States (The challenge of healthcare fraud). As a result, health care fraud causes higher premiums and out of pocket expenses for the consumer (The challenge of healthcare fraud). Healthcare fraud increases the cost of providing insurance benefits to employers (The challenge of healthcare fraud). Therefore, this increases the cost of doing business (The challenge of healthcare fraud). Healthcare fraud is committed by dishonest healthcare providers (The challenge of healthcare fraud). The most trusted individuals such as the physicians are the ones who commit these crimes (The challenge of healthcare fraud). The entire population of the patient is affected by fraud-doers (The challenge of healthcare fraud). There are false claims on medical conditions and treatments (The challenge of healthcare fraud). As a result of this, many insurers receive false billings that include the public programs such as Medicare and Medicaid (The challenge of healthcare fraud). There are several ways in which this is common among fraud-doers that are committed by dishonest providers (The challenge of healthcare fraud). Sometimes the bills are never rendered, or they fabricate claims (The challenge of healthcare fraud). The physicians also bill for more services and procedures that were not performed (The challenge of healthcare fraud). This is known as up coding (The challenge of healthcare fraud). When using up coding, the physicians falsely bill for a higher priced treatment (The challenge of healthcare fraud). The…