Essay on Society: Law and Critical Process

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Current Event News Article

October 22, 2011
John Arnold
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Current Event News Article
The five important elements of negligence: duty, breach of duty, actual cause, proximate cause, and damages. Each one within the law is a critical process, especially involving negligence. The article about the jury awards a Florida woman 11.3 million (Parker, 2006) dollars because of online negative comments; (1) duty, which in this case the victim (Scheff), sued Carey Bock. A victim defendant’s negligence can sue victoriously only if the accuser had a duty of care to achieve accountability against the victim. (2) Breach of duty, claim of negligence within this case means the complainant, which he or she must understand it is imperative to prove the defendant’s acts injured done while reacting less than the necessary agreeably advisable individual within the student of care. (3) Actual cause, the plaintiff (Scheff) must indicate and demonstrate the defendant’s (Bock) breach of duty care the distress plaintiff would not have been harmed. (4) Proximate cause, this process includes the damage accuser (Scheff) must provident evident evidence that she was prescience victim within the defendant’s negligence. (5) Damages, even if the defendant demonstrates unjustifiably behavioral actions violate the duty against any promising victims, but the plaintiff is absolutely and proximately injured on how it was administer, also he or she must prove damages.
Strict liability is a legal doctrine that exists within the body of tort law. It makes a person liable for damages that occur as a result of that person’s actions. This responsibility is in effect…