Soma Paragraph Essay

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Maleek Mayers
Harsh Patel
Catherine Lanigan
Anthony Gerardo
Ms. Colello
College English 3 Period 7

Our commercial targets the chosen sub­department by displaying potential consumers of
Soma. It shows people that are dealing with feelings such as sadness or frustration and illustrates the benefits of using Soma. Our slogan “take a pill, get a thrill” refers to the wonderful and pleasurable effects of Soma. It means that when you take Soma all of your worries will be gone; thus, from that moment on, your life will be full of joy. The motto of the World State
"Community, Identity, Stability" represents how they want everyone to be together as a whole­­ conformity (Huxley 3). This motto represents how the World State eliminates individuality. Our advertisement reflects the World State motto. It represents community because with Soma you’ll never be alone. It represents identity by giving citizens of the World State an identity better than one without Soma. With Soma they'll have a much better identity that they can be proud of because they'd never be unhappy. It represents stability because it illustrates that you will always be happy with Soma. We believe our commercial would be beneficial to the Department of
Happiness is a Pill because it advertises how anyone with any type of emotional problem can be

greatly benefited with the use of this product. The phrase "A gramme is better than a damn" refers to happiness and solidarity in Huxley's…