Theatre: Of Mice and Men and New Job Essay

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Mice and Men The lobby area was very easy going; people who were there to watch hanged around and talked to teachers and sales people. The sales people were very nice, and in character too, which was a rather interesting idea to me. One of them only grunted and stayed silence as he sold things, while the other was outgoing and trying to continuously chatter away. The auditorium wasn't filled however it was very chit-chattery and people had brought friends with them so they all were quite comfortable. There was no box office, or if there was I must have missed it since there was only a table set out to collect the money! Everyone in the audience was wearing comfortable, outside clothes. Meaning that they were all in jeans and some sort of jacket, a very causal look. The pre show music was a song I never heard before, however it was an oldies for sure, and it was a very soft older male voice. As for the program notes, there was none, which I thought was a little weird. This play was called Of Mice and Men, which was a book written by John Steinbeck. The story is as follows: two men by the name of Lennie and George are off to a new job, because at the last one Lennie had been named a rapist for touching a girl’s soft skirt. George is this smart man who helps Lennie get out of trouble. At the new job they encounter many problems with a girl and her husband, and from there, things only got uglier. The point of view is constantly switching from Lennie to George depending on the scene. I feel like the intention of this play was to get us to realize how important dreams are, and how you should do things right the first time so you can get to your dreams. The actors were fabulous, George never stood still for a second as his character, either he was talking, or paying attention and wiggling when he was listening. Humans never stay still, so when Curley did this awkward stilled hand motion when someone was talking to him, I almost laughed because it was so unnatural. That was the only problem I had with the play, it was how unnervingly unnatural Curley was. It bothered me a lot. Meanwhile Curley's wife was better, she knew what she had to do, however at some points I felt like she wasn't able to express herself correctly, leading me to think maybe she's thinking to hard about her lines. The…