Essay on Thought and Critical Thinking Skills

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My Reflections on Psychology

Abstract Psychology is the study of mind or mental state and processes ( Before I attended Psychology 201 my thoughts on psychology were pretty simple. When I heard the word psychology I would think about a psychotic patient sitting in a room with a therapist discussing his/hers problems in life and the therapist trying to find an overall solution to that person’s problem. Once undergoing the course I realized that there is more to psychology than what I had thought. From the different kinds of sleeping people fall into to the left side and right side functions of the human brain, my knowledge of psychology grew from what it was before. Like I said in my first project, I feel as that psychology can help my career field in civil engineering by improving my critical thinking skills and being able to see my employees’ feeling in a different and better perspective. After experiencing this class I did gain what I said I wanted to gain in the beginning of the class which is a better understanding of why people do the things they do and what causes people to perform these actions. Now I know that some people’s actions can be based on their childhood experiences, for instance, a child growing up without their father or mother in their lives can take a toll on their personality in the long run once they reach adulthood. With a mentally challenged person, the reason they are disable is because their functions in…