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American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang I found was probably the most interesting graphic novel that we’ve read all semester. Reason being that the author was able to take serious themes that are often seen in America and he created a story that was fun to read. In previous text the context were a little bit more graphic and a lot more serious. In American Born Chinese though the serious themes that the author was serious but in a manner where any age group could read if they wanted to. Stereotypes, self-identity, and transformation were all key themes in this novel that I found to be the most interesting. When dealing with themes such as stereotypes, transformation, and self-identity the delivery in which authors usually try to get across are usually behind violence. In previous novels we usually see themes of self-identity, racial struggles and stereotypes where the solution was to attack the situation. In this novel however Gene Luen Yang was able to approach these themes with less of a defense and a more calm nonviolent solution. I think one of the main themes in this graphic novel was the theme of understanding self-identity. The way in which the Jin Wang was able to transform into what seemed to be a regular American boy, and take on this whole different identity showed the theme of transformation that was shown throughout the entire story. I think the way in which the author introduced this theme was creative in itself. The way in which the monkey king tried to get rid of his identity as a…