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A Difficult Equation Charles Hsueh Difficulties should be seen as challenges to strive towards, hoping that one day; one can defend, control and solve the unsolvable equation. Permanent sickness may be an everlasting nightmare as it can affect patients in many ways yet losing hope should never be on the list. Similarly in an encouraging film, “A beautiful mind”, inspired by true events of the main character, John Nash who is unfortunately a victim trapped in the darkness and cannot escape from its claw. The story starts before his psychotic break, where he uses his unbelievable talent in mathematics and understanding to its fullest. Not long after, Nash becomes hallucinated with imaginary peers who give out negative advices such as being a spy and kill his own wife for him to follow. As the Movie concludes, he represented the symbol of hope that seems to never give up even to a point where the disease cannot be fixed and instead he controlled it. This proves that even in the darkest times there will still be an answer to every equation. It is just in a matter of time. The film is in some ways, quite fascinating as it gives those who feel rejected from the society a sense of similarity and belonging through the effects of brilliance, illness and its illusions thus breaking all the barriers that prevent unity of all individuals. To begin with, the film introduced brilliance of one whose thoughts and actions are different, thus it changes the society’s view on that particular. It is evident in the film that Nash has an outstanding talent and proved it by completing a remarkably high accomplishment in Howard without even attending a single class. He believes that classes can only destroy one’s creativity like a box full of conventions. Outside of the box, he walks yet only finds himself humiliated by surrounding peers. Similarly in nowadays, when one is unique or in another words, different among others, they find themselves either bullied or isolated away from society. Special education, also known as Spec Ed is one of the best examples of isolation. It proves how cruel society is, simply by separating them from the “normal” students. What the education systems are not realizing is that, separating them from the others will not benefit them but instead, harming their own futures as it may be greatly challenged with their abilities and unique qualities. They are simply blessed with unique purposes, nothing makes them different. It is not anymore a race or a sex problem, but instead throwing ugly apples out of the stock like they are utterly useless. We need to be united as one. Brilliance can also be dangerous alright, yet it does not give us the right to choose the paths for them. Believe it or not, special education classes also consists students that are so different to a point where they are abnormally intelligent in which makes “normal” an incapable choice for them. Just like Nash who is “the chosen one” that is forced to work in the pentagon as a code breaker. On the other hand, does he benefit? Aside from money, no he does not. In fact, he has no other choice but to follow what the society desires and if Nash disagrees, there would be consequences of him meeting death at his door due to the fact that the government will never risk having a brilliant man out there who is not on their side. This isn’t an illusion. It is the reality and the fate of those who are born with extraordinary abilities, in this case, brilliance. To conclude, the film, “A beautiful mind” relates those who are born with non- ordinary talents to be felt, cherished and most importantly, appreciated like they are no differ. Secondly, the film relates those who are currently ill with courage of never giving up and it thus creates a reminder of sickness being a breakable wall from unity with their loved ones. With a showcase of Schizophrenia, the name of the darkness who John is diagnosed, it shows that even…